Frightening Halloween in London

Pumpkins, horror movies and bloody costumes. It is that time of year again where London transforms into the haunted city of your nightmares. Get your hocus pocus on because there are some SPOOK-TACULAR events waiting for you. To celebrate the most sinister day of the year we put together a list of our favourite events. So, go into the dark night of Halloween and get ready to be spooked by deadly dinners, thriller tunes and creepy cocktails.

Day of the Dead at Cantina Laredo

To celebrate Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos in style, Cantina Laredo will be hosting a Candlelit Day of the Dead Dinner. On 2nd November guest will be invited for a dangerously delicious four-course menu. The deadly free-flowing menu includes Grasshopper topped Guacamole, Aubergine Tostadas, Duck Tacos and the special dessert ‘The Dangerous Don’ ,a coconut Tres Leches Cronut with Coconut Sorbet on Coconut Sand, topped with a melting Dark Chocolate Skull, filled with an oozing Chocolate and Dulce de Leche centre en Hot Tres Leches sauce, as the cherry on top. Besides unlimited and wicked margaritas, wine and beer you get to enjoy a complimentary ‘Poisonous Passion’. Cantina Laredo’s authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist is just what we need to bring the Mexican traditions to life!

The Little Blue Door’s Pain vs Pleasure

Get ready for the dinner party you will never forget. From 31st October until 2nd November, The Little Blue Door will host their first-ever Pain vs Pleasure multi-sensory supper club, designed by food psychologist Charles Spence. Enjoy a five-course tasting menu incorporating sight, sound, smell, touch and taste that will get your blood start pumping. Try some of the spicy Jalapeno Martinis while you gather up all your courage to try the Russian roulette of battered Padron peppers. During this frightening night, the ghosts of The Little Blue Door will take you to a different dimension. Step inside if you dare!

Mr Fogg’s Horrors of Botanical

Are you ready to party in the botanical garden of doom? This Halloween you will be stunned by the wicked and creepy horror flora and fauna of Mr Fogg’s House of Botanicals. On 31st October, Mr Fogg’s Botanists experiment with some of the world’s most dangerous plants. Watch out for the horrors of mother nature while you sip on some killer cocktails including twisty concoctions like the ‘Deadly Nightshade’ and the ‘Essence of Foxglove’. Enjoy your Halloween night in the botanical horror of Mr Fogg’s!

Mr Fogg’s Freaky Gin Parlour

Your Halloween night will never be the same after a night in the Mr Fogg’s Laboratory. The most sinister scientist is on his search to find a way to make terrifying concoctions and nothing will stop him. Veuve Cliquot and Belvedere will be paired with the most delicious ingredients to make some bloody, killer cocktails. Do not mess around with this crazy scientist because he will not back down and make sure you have a night you will have nightmares about for the rest of your life. Step inside the parlour for a spine-chilling night!

Mr Fogg’s Tavern of Terror

Make yourself ready for a night at Mr Fogg’s Terror Tavern, if you are brave enough. On 31st October the Tavern will be transformed to the creepiest and spookiest location you have ever seen. Sip on bubbling concoctions while you sing your head off and bust your favourite thriller moves, to scare off all the ghostly ghouls that are haunting the tavern. Champagne Charlie will perform some of the scariest and wicked jazz tunes to guarantee you have a killer night. Find your way to the tavern if you are ready for a night full of horror!

Mr Fogg’s Horror Residence

This year’s Halloween night you will experience extreme fear at Mr Fogg’s Residence. Be very careful because Dr Frankenstein can appear out of the dark at any time. During this terrifying night of horrible and explosive experiments from Frankenstein himself, you can sip on some delicious tipples including a Bombay Sapphire gin cocktail with Grand Marnier orange liqueur, homemade clementine & vanilla syrup, calamansi juice, peach bitters, egg white and homemade lemongrass. Try to survive the creepy creatures during a blood curdling and hair-raising event. Be ready for the scariest night of the year!