Glorious Twelfth in London!

This Sunday, game season kicks off for the Glorious Twelfth. On this day the first grouse will be caught and served in restaurants all over Great Britain and Northern Ireland. London is full of delicious places to celebrate this wonderful day, so we collected a list of the best events to visit come the 12th of August.

Glorious Game Tacos

Do you love Britain’s favourite game, Grouse, but also can’t get enough of delicious Mexican food? In the modern Mexican restaurant, Cantina Laredo, the Glorious Twelfth will be celebrated with the launch of the Glorious Game Tacos! On Sunday 12th August all diners will have its own Mexican twist on traditional Glorious Twelfth dishes like the Grouse topped Tacos served on a tortilla with pearled spelt, creamed corn and an epazote gel and the Venison Tacos with Venison barbacoa, habanero guacamole served on a coriander and poblano tortilla, topped with radishes. Let’s start the glorious season with glorious tacos!

Gamey Delights at Aster

On the Glorious Twelfth, the Nordic-French inspired restaurant, Aster will delight London with a newly created and delicious menu of gamey delights of the first grouse of the season.  The seasonal menu will change each month, so you get surprised by new tastes, products and dishes every time you visit Aster. Classic and traditional British game with Nordic influences and perfected with French Techniques by the amazing executive chef Helena Puolakka. With the beautiful design of the restaurant itself, the delicious drinks and the perfect composed menu, you will be guaranteed the best Glorious Twelfth!

Mac & Glorious Grouse

Celebrate the Glorious Twelfth in London’s favourite Scottish restaurant Mac & Wild!

Mac & Wild will be serving their Glorious Grouse Scotch Egg and a lot more other delightful dishes throughout the whole game season with weakly changes on the menu. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, from Monday 13th August, Mac & Wild Devonshire Square will launch the ultimate grouse shooting experience with the ‘Glorious Grouse Shoot off’ in their new Shooting Range and Whiskey bar. A new virtual shooting range. The lucky winner gets to explore the best Scottish sites on a Highland adventure worth £2,000. Appetizing traditional food or Modern Mac & Wild dishes, Whiskey and a Shooting range. A perfect way to start off the game season!