Valentine's Day

Whether you love it or love to hate it, the feast of St. Valentine is upon us and in London, as always, there is something for everyone. Now, we are by no means fluent in the language of love but we’re pretty confident that the following list is full of foolproof plans, worth getting down on one knee for.


Violets may be blue but it seems lattes are redder than roses this February in one of London’s romantic Royal Parks. For those seeking low-key date ideas, a visit to The Italian Gardens Cafe may just tickle your fancy. Treat your Valentine to the rich chocolatey tones of Colicci’s new Red Velvet Latte in the tranquil setting of Kensington Gardens (believed to have been a gift from Prince Albert to his beloved Queen Victoria). Wake up and smell the coffee – the world looks better through rose-tinted glasses and hot beverages are no exception!

Bluebird Café, White City

No two words quite have us swooning like ‘free wine’! At Bluebird Café, White City they are celebrating friendship by exercising a ‘ditch the date, bring a mate’ policy. On Thursday 14th February, anyone who arrives with a buddy receives a FREE carafe of red or white wine. In addition to free friendship wine, tuck into Bluebird Café’s exceptional Valentine’s Day menu, which includes spiced tuna poke, roasted Dingley Dell pork belly and black truffle spaghetti.

Dabbers Social Bingo

Introducing the UK’s first contemporary bingo venue! Forget Valentine’s Day this year and instead join in the fun of Pal-entine’s Night at Dabbers Social Bingo. Picture cocktails, raucous comedians, DJs and jaw-dropping prizes to be won – it’s safe to say that the iconic British pastime, you vaguely recall, has been thoroughly reinvigorated. Dabbers provides pure gold entertainment so grab your best pals and head to East London for a night that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Maître Choux

Word on the street is that Maître Choux éclairs are the pastry equivalent of someone whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Arguably, that’s reason enough to make your way to the Soho or brand new King’s Road branch for their Sweet Pink Afternoon Tea. Shower someone special with choux and Champagne or perhaps – the alcohol-free alternative – loose-leaf tea and award-winning hot chocolate. Channel Parisian romance and indulge in the ‘Red Love’ and personalised ‘I Love You’ éclairs. They’re the finishing Instagram-worthy touches that your Valentine’s Day plans deserve.

Bunga Bunga Battersea

The one and only San Valentino will visit Bunga Bunga Battersea for an Italian feast fit for a, er, saint! Prepare yourself for a three-course menu full of fresh flavours and inspired by neighbourhood bars and pizzerias from the streets of Italy. Alternatively, revel in Bunga Bunga’s Valentine’s Day Pizza Making. Learn how to make sourdough from scratch and rev up your relationship with a little healthy competition, as you battle it out to see who will become the heart-shaped pizza champion. This quirky Italian-themed establishment stole a pizza our heart and, cheesus, in it we crust!